Ansel Adams, Clyde Butcher - Move Over! :)

Ansel Adams, Clyde Butcher – Move Over! :)

mt everest, expedition everest, disney, walt disney world, animal kingdom

Ansel Adams and Clyde Butcher (Butcher – Florida black & white, large scale photographer) are my two biggest influences and heroes in the world of not only black & white photography, but outdoor nature shots in black & white as well. In reference to the later part of that statement, outdoor nature black & white photography (to me) is one of the toughest shots to capture AND make it look REALLY…

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Yet Another Set Of Very Unique Pictures Of Spaceship Earth

Yet Another Set Of Very Unique Pictures Of Spaceship Earth

Mike Thomas Imagery: Epcot Center &emdash; DSCF0333

Some of you probably think all I know how to shoot or the only place I ever go now is Epcot / Spaceship Earth. Truth is, while shooting “other” stuff in and around Epcot for “other” reasons (eventually, that will all make sense ;)), I experimented with some new photographic processes and effects on ‘The Ball’. These pictures herein were just two more that I had yet to post. I will confess, these…

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Nighttime Disney: Spooky Castle

Nighttime Disney: Spooky Castle

Mike Thomas Imagery: Nighttime Disney &emdash; DSC_4557

What really intrigues and amazes me about these two shots is actually not the intensity of the pyro blasting off all around Cinderella Castle (Magic Kingdom Park / Walt Disney World) or the coloration therein the shot. Rather, it’s the fact that I shot both of these handheld (no tripod) with a 35mm fixed focus / prime lens and  a shutter speed of 125/sec, aperture set at 1.8 and ISO at 800. I…

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So While At Disney’s Hollywood Studios ….

So While At Disney’s Hollywood Studios ….

Mike Thomas Imagery: Disney's Hollywood Studios &emdash;

I was again, shooting ‘something else’ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios a few days back and found my self at two different times in a position to take these slightly unique pictures. They pretty much speak for themselves. But just in case you’re not familiar – “The EAR-Ful Tower” (above) was the original icon of “The Disney/MGM Studios Theme Park” dating back to 1989 when the park first opened (and…

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“… Tranquility Base here: The Eagle Has Landed …”

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the first manned landing on the lunar surface. Thank you Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins - as well as the whole NASA team.

Nighttime Disney: The Streets Of U.K.

Nighttime Disney: The Streets Of U.K.

disney, walt disney world, epcot, world showcase, united kingdom, u.k.

After finishing up another shoot for Disney tonight (Thursday, July 17th 2014), I had reason to walk through The United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot / Walt Disney World.

disney, walt disney world, epcot, world showcase, united kingdom, u.k.

It was right at closing and Illuminations: Reflections Of Earth was just starting. Henceforth, there weren’t many Guests around the side or back streets of The U.K. area. Never being without some camera or other, I decided to try…

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"… That’s One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind …"

“… That’s One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind …”

NASA, Apollo 11, Disney, Epcot, Future World, Mission Space, Full Moon

Mission: SPACE (Epcot / Walt Disney World) & A Full Moon Rising

45 years ago today, NASA and The United States launched Apollo 11 from Kennedy Space Center in Titusville Florida. Destination: The Moon. Yep – it’s been that long since this worldwide historic event began it’s endeavor. I think I was about 11 years old then. I remember listening to Walter Cronkite (and others) describe it all both…

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Nighttime Disney: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Having had a good response from my concept of “Nighttime Disney,” here’s the next in the series - the new…

Night-Time Disney – Magic Kingdom Park

As many of you know or could presume by the pictures I create and post here at Magic And Memories (and on my…

Disney’s Electrical Parade – Just Passing By

This picture I shot a while back doesn’t really need any words (pun intended). I shot it with a long shutter release time, tripod’d, low ISO, moderate aperture and with the use of a wired remote as the parade was passing by in Town Square at The Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World.