Good Morning From Norway … In Epcot That Is

Good Morning From Norway … In Epcot That Is

‘God morgen’. This bloggage goes out to two friends of Norwegian descent – Alan and Jon (you know who you are :) )!

Mike Thomas Imagery: Epcot Center &emdash; DSCF1958_fused

Mike Thomas Imagery: Epcot Center &emdash; DSCF1955_tonemapped

Not much more needs to be said about these two pics. I captured them a few mornings ago while on another mission in Epcot at Walt Disney World.  Both shots were taken at the Norway Pavilion. I love both pictures for different reasons. But there’s just something about the floral…

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Beauty Undiscovered: China / Epcot

Beauty Undiscovered: China / Epcot

Beauty Undiscovered: China / Epcot from Mike Thomas on Vimeo.

A little twist on the concept of my new series, “Beauty Undiscovered.” Since there ARE only four Disney Theme Parks at Walt Disney World, the plan is and has always been to highlight certain areas of hidden treasures & undiscovered beauty in and around the Disney World. So this week, the focus is on the…

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So While I Was Doing Something Else …

So While I Was Doing Something Else …

Mike Thomas Imagery: Various &emdash; DSCF2883_tonemapped

… I happened to stroll by a spot where the sky and the lighting were just great shining down on The Dolphin Resort (at Walt Disney World). Even though I’ve shot this before (and I think posted it here as bloggage), I thought what the hey – it’s a nice, pretty, peaceful, serene scene to de-stress over :).

More stuff coming this weekend 0 including what I was ACTUALLY doing today ;).

Peace – Mike…

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Robin Williams

robin williams, aladdin, genie, disney

picture by Mike Thomas in dedication and remembrance to the late great Robin Williams

I remember back in the mid 1980’s I was at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Providence, RI. This was when “The Boss” was doing his signature 4 hour concerts. About halfway through the second act, Bruce stood on stage with no band (he sent them off so he could a quick acoustic solo set), just one white spotlight on…

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Beauty Undiscovered: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Beauty Undiscovered: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I don’t know if y’all saw the first video slide show  in this new little series I’ve started, “Beauty Undiscovered.” It’s all about the little treasures , fine details – basically things they the average day Guest often misses due to time constraints & schedules etc… The first video was all about the  undiscovered beauty of Disney’s Animal Kingdom (click HEREto view the post & video). I had quite…

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The Old And The New

The Old And The New

Mike Thomas Imagery: Magic Kingdom Park &emdash; DSCF2250

So there I was – at The Magic Kingdom Park on the Main Street Train Station. I was awaiting the arrival of someone I was to meet and go over an upcoming shoot with. My camera was set in “antique / sepia” mode when I looked up between two of the Railroad Cars and my eyes picked up on one of the Monorails passing by. As you can see, it looks like something from ‘Back To The Future III’ – the old…

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TBT – The Dapper Dans

OK, so this picture really isn’t an “old” picture of the famed Dapper Dans at The Magic Kingdom Park / Walt Disney World.

Mix Of Mouse & Coffee?

So there I was sitting in Starbucks yesterday. I look out the window and notice this graphic on said window.

Evening Storm Brewing

So there I was yesterday about 6:00 PM at The Magic Kingdom Park shooting more stuff for upcoming projects.

Happy Feet

This picture doesn’t need a whole heck of a lot of explanative words - especially if you’ve ever seen The Dapper Dans on Main Street USA in The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.